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In 2011, the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, the Baptist Union of Sweden and the United Methodist Church of Sweden formed Equmeniakyrkan (Uniting Church in Sweden).

Uniting Church in Sweden (UCS) strives to be a church for all aspects of life where the encounter with Jesus Christ transforms me, you and the world.


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The Church Fee / kyrkoavgiften

There are many ways to support your church financially. The easiest way is to give an offering via the ‘kyrkoavgift’. The church fee is taken from your taxes, with, of course, your prior consent. It is a great way to give money directly to your church, which enables each local congregation to more efficiently plan its finances.

Consent form for the Church Fee / kyrkoavgiften (pdf)
Information flyer about the Church Fee / kyrkoavgifen (pdf)

More about the Church Fee / kyrkoavgiften (in swedish)