Pastor Nandu Tadokha


Pastor Nandu Tadokha:

A Barefoot Evangelist & Pastor


Pastor Nandu was born in a simple family of Pawara Tribe. The childhood was full of challenge and struggle due to poverty. Parents wanted him to go out of his village and get good education. God had his own plan for Pastor Nandu.

He was from Pawara tribe and he had opportunity to go to Boys Mission Hostel run by the Norwegian Mission. He was very studious and also became interested in spiritual life. He memorized several books of the Bible in early stage of life. He also accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour when he was in the mission hostel running.

When he completed his schooling, he wanted to study theology and join the ministry. The Lord opened the door for Pastor Nandu to go to Bible College. He completed his theological studies from Junnar Bible College in Maharashtra.

Pastor Nandu joined the ministry at the age of 24. He was known as committed barefoot evangelist and Pastor in Pawara villages. He was working with HCC Chopda, assisting Pastor Shalmon. He was instrumental in bringing hundreds of his tribal people to Christ. He had a great burden for the evangelism. He was looking after and preaching the gospel in 10 villages, and during all these years he brought hundreds of souls to Christ. These believers usually walk 13 to15 kilometres to attend Church and go back walking.

He had great zeal for the Lord Jesus. He was threatened several times not to preach the Gospel, but he continued to preach. He used to say that he loves his tribal people and he wants them to know Christ.

Pastor Nandu was assaulted when he was returning from a village after preaching the Gospel. A group of unknown people attacked him on the way, which damaged his internal organs. Somehow, he walked and reached Chopda, where treatment was given to him for three days but his health did not improve.  He was shifted to District Hospital Jalgaon where doctors noticed that enough blood has been lost due internal bleeding.

When his treatment was going on in the hospital, even that time he was praying for his people, because of his love and concern for the people. He was praying for the people who beat and injured him. He was truly reflecting the attitude of Jesus Christ and forgave those people who took away his life. Pastor Nandu served the Lord till he was martyred for the Lord at the age of 58 years.

HCC has decided not to hate these people but to love them and start some social development work in this village to show Christ’s love for them and to give peace to pastors Nandu’s soul who had lot of concern for his people.

He has five daughters. Due to their poor background they couldn’t complete their studies. The HCC request you to pray for his family and help them in whatever way it is possible.


Pastor Nandu’s Family


Pastor Nandu’s House

(This information was compiled by Rev. S. C. David, Mr. Shikhar Deep and drafted by Rev. Dr. Shekhar Singh)